Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko Highlights “The brothers”

By , March 17, 2014 6:17 pm

Vitali Klitschko Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. baroh2413 says:

    Vitali Klitscko is like Boston Celtics legend Kevin McHale. He keeps it
    simple, doesn’t waste energy by showing off and therefore he is extremely
    effective. That is also why people who do not know what they are talking
    about call that type of sportsman “boring”

  2. dino cali says:

    Nice Vid, WK and VK are real Champions!

  3. Silvio Socolovsky says:

    5:35 the combination of images and music makes the whole video worth seeing.

  4. King Nick says:

    There is no best hw ever, mma is a young sport, boxing as been around since
    1800s are some shit. Mma has only been around from 1993 and fedor has only
    been in mma from 2000, he never fought in ufc and when he fought in
    strikeforce he lost 3 out of 4 fights and the 1 he beat was flipping tires
    the month b4. Beating Hunt, Cro Cop and Nogueira doesn’t make you the best
    ever, they are the only gd fighters he beat and junior beat Hunt, Mir beat
    Nogueira, and Randleman beat Cro Cop. Big deal!

  5. Ažbe Rihtaršič says:

    best of luck

  6. King Nick says:

    When you’re fedor it does work like that! fedor is the best heavyweight
    technically. But that’s not what I meant. What I meant was beating
    everybody else makes you the best regardless of technique.

  7. King Nick says:

    I’ll technically massacre*

  8. виталий кузнец says:

    Great video, i dont understand, why so low views?

  9. Stepan Kuznetsov says:

    @alexcorvis1985 Instrumental – violin, piano and bites

  10. Gage Gillespie says:

    Your talking about in a boxing ring right? haha

  11. TheTruther007 says:

    this is really sad after watching Mohammed Ali or mike tysons highlights

  12. dtothez187 says:

    hear that drum between 1:30 and 1:45. LOOOOL

  13. Omgfiles000 says:

    Your`e 12,nobody cares.

  14. 1rumplestiltskin1 says:

    junior dos santos is arguably the best mma heavyweight of all time, and he
    would last MAYBE two rounds with either of these brothers. He throws very
    wide punches and has no defense. Even short armed cain velazquez tagged him
    often, and Cain would not last a round with their brother. Get real now.
    The K brothers are very arguably the best two heavyweights of all time.
    Right there at the top. Watch VK beat Lennix Lewis in his prime. Ahead on
    all cards until the cut in the 6th round.

  15. 1rumplestiltskin1 says:

    and Lennix Lewis is right there with Holmes, Clay in 1963, Joe Louis in his
    prime, as the greatest before the brothers.. and I think WK is even better
    than his older brother. Dos Santos would not even be ranked in the top 15
    current heavyweights, although he is a fabulous athlete. Pro boxing at the
    elite world class level is a sweet science. Santos would be embarrassed
    very quickly and hurt. If the K brothers wore those tiny MMA gloves, jaws
    would be quickly shattered.

  16. dellboi94 says:

    I agreed with everything you said untill you said Lewis was in his prime,
    Lewis came in at a career high weight and was past his best and still took
    half of Vitali’s face off.

  17. xxArTMCxx says:

    @PROmaster5801 Don’t give up an one day you’ll be better than brothers!

  18. Darin King says:

    Amazing athlets! And intelectuals meantime…They should start at least to
    launch made-up news like they beat their wives or paparazzi in order to
    draw more attention and higher rates for title bouts! 🙂

  19. theloveabove says:

    Its insane that the two greatest boxers in the world right now are brothers.

  20. htid raver says:

    Also why are you using MMAmath to justify why fedor sucks, MMAmath doesn’t
    work. Also why are you being so disrespectful to all of these fighters.
    They have the balls to step into a ring and compete in front of massive
    crowds at a high level and endure brutal training camp and media
    obligations, yet you don’t have the balls to step into a gym. All Combat
    athletes deserve respect for what they’re doing.Trust you to know which
    fighters suck even though you lack the understanding of technique.

  21. htid raver says:

    Well even if your in your prime your not gonna win all of your fights. Yes
    it’s true randleman beat Cro cop in his prime but then look what happened
    in the rematch so that evened things out. Josh barnett was also in his
    prime and i believe he still is. Like i said just because your in your
    prime doesn’t mean your gonna have an unstoppable win streak

  22. dior mann says:

    ill maybe gonna fight you when im a champion 😉

  23. King Nick says:

    Fedor you really don’t know anything, get of the band wagon, he lost to a
    185er who was beat by jake sheilds. Who did fedor beat that was great, ok
    nog, hunt and cro cop but he was rocked in that fight, junior destroyed cro
    cop and had him saying uncle. werdum beat him big foot beat him, some guy
    named pele beat big foot. “Fedor the best” he beat up pro wrestler’s in
    pride and mark coleman give me a fucking break. Velasquez is looking really
    good! cain dominated junior. Junior klitschko ahahaha!

  24. dtothez187 says:

    that’s cute. Good luck, furfill your dream

  25. Becki Lynne says:

    what is that awesome instrumental in the beginning b4 the moby song?