Vitali Klitschko vs Tomasz Adamek: THE Afterfight/Afterthought as told by THE Bigragu

By , November 18, 2011 12:11 pm

Vitali Klitschko Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. PLPolishPowerPL says:

    Adamek should fight four or five fights in 2012…
    1= C class fighter (early 2012)
    2= Evander Holyfield
    3= Mariusz Wach (tall up coming Polish Boxer)
    4= Albert Sosinowski ( Also ko’d by Klitscho in the 10th)
    5= Chris Areolla (Rematch)
    These five fights would be major draws especially 2-5..
    Adamek then would be number one challenger in 2013

  2. TeedubBoxingUK says:

    @bigragu Not a problem bro. Check out my channel please! Need the numbers! Haha

  3. TeedubBoxingUK says:

    @bigragu Just changed my account to this name. I am going to start my own channel!

  4. JollyGreenGiant71 says:

    Boring fight……

  5. WhiskeyMysticsandMen says:

    Vitali should fight Haye and then retire.

  6. bigragu says:

    @Teedub19864 Thank you for the great compliment!

  7. rjbonacolta says:

    Know what I watched this then the Gamboa fight and I found the Klitschko fight more entertaining, most people won’t because of the great job HBO did promoting the lighter weight star. I wonder, would more people be fans of the Klitschkos if they were given the Mayweather/Pac-Man treatment? I think so.

  8. SoccerDJRob says:

    Klitschko looked way bigger in the ring then during press confrences b/c he wasent wearing dress paints and a nice shirt……he had his shorts on and was warmed up with his arms out……..

  9. SoccerDJRob says:

    Vitali looked way bigger in the fight then in the press confrences and thats because it the ring Vitali isent in paints and nice shirt; hes warmed up and got his arms out not my his side.

  10. SoccerDJRob says:

    Steriods maybe idk Vitali had a good trianing. He has more years in boxing if he wants to; If Vitali beats David Haye then i would say Vitali can and should be around for a bit

  11. SoccerDJRob says:

    @666sigma Adamek beat Areolla fiarly

  12. 666sigma says:


    That’s your opinion. I never felt that Adamek had any chance. Arreola was willing to fight Vitali and took a beating doing so. Adamek was getting rocked by Vitali in the first round. He was rocked by Arreola. Arreola has a bigger punch and better chin. He needs a better trainer. Physically, he is better equiped as a heavyweight. Adamek will always be a stepping stone (as heavyweight).

  13. zagor26 says:

    @666sigma I’d rather see Adamek fight for the WBA ” regular” heavyweight title against Povietkin. Arreola is the past. He had his chance.

  14. 666sigma says:


    I thought Adamek won the fight against Arreola, too. Arreola hurt him a few times, but could never finish him. In the mean time, Adamek did a good job of sticking and moving throughout the fight. Now that Arreola has dropped some weight and has gotten in better shape, I think it would make an interesting rematch.

  15. zagor26 says:

    @666sigma Believe me Adamek can take a HW punch. I was at the fight and saw it myself. He’s got a really solid chin and if you followed his career carefully you would’ve seen it a lot of times.I agree with you that Adamek is no match to Vitali but totaly disagree with what youre saying about Arreola match. Arreola himself admitted he lost to Tomasz.I don’t think people want to see rematch as Adamek won that bout fair and square.117-111,115-113 says it all

  16. AliensShitToo says:

    @revizor1860 Eurocup 2012 in poland, he is some how involved with it.

  17. AliensShitToo says:

    BigRagu, i agree with you regarding that Vitali could of finished him even in the second round, actually this fight for him was more about his political side, in 2012 Euro soccer event in Poland, which somehow plays a big role in Ukrainian economy, so he did not want to KO and make the polish crowd angry, you can clearly understand that when he was giving an interview in the ring after the fight. just a thought, good video keep up the humor…

  18. 666sigma says:


    In other words, if he stood and fought, Arreola would have creamed him. Adamek fought a similar fight plan, but Vitali was bigger, faster and a better boxer than Arreola. But Adamek can not take a real HW punch. He could keep his distance from the fat man, but not a true athlete like Vitali.

    BTW, I do believe that Arreola would destroy Adamek with a rematch.

  19. zagor26 says:

    @666sigma what??? did you see Arreola’s face after the fight???!

  20. tuptugen says:

    @bigragu Agreed, great vid. I really liked how Vitali took care of business ! Cant wait for your Mayweather Ortiz A/A !

  21. theothersideofme777 says:

    klitschkos…. one word; LEGENDS

  22. 666sigma says:

    Adamek’s corner should have thrown the towel in – in the 9th round. The only reason Adamek beat Arreola is that he ran from the fat man.

  23. shinypenny says:

    Nice win by Vitali, personally I never gave Adamek much of a chance, but he was rated highly so deserved his shot. Question is, who the hell can Vitali fight next? I don’t see any of the current heavyweights challenging him really. Haye is the only person I’ve heard making noise about Vitali and I’m not sure how serious that is. Who else is there that would be remotely interesting?

  24. MrYib says:

    Volume level’s a little bit low though. I’m having trouble hearing you over the Mrs. 🙂

  25. MrYib says:

    Love the humour in your vids, keep ’em coming. I watched about the first eight of this, and it was just depressing by then. Credit to Adamek, but the guy’s a light-heavy who moved up and it SHOWS. Vitali was MUCH better to watch than his bro. I hope Adamek earned enough from this to un-flatten his face.