Vitali Klitschko vs Tomasz Adamek (Highlights)

By , November 12, 2010 12:16 am

Vitali Klitschko Video clip Rating: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Vitali Klitschko vs Tomasz Adamek (Highlights)”

  1. irfan1674 says:

    I want to see Vitali fight hes last fights agaist Helenius, thompson, povetkin and tyson fury..

  2. irfan1674 says:

    I think Vitali is getting the tougher opponents then Wladimir. example. arreola, adamek, solis, kevin johnson i think they are tougher then thompson, chambers, chagaev, rahman, ibragimov, and of course, David mister Haye…

  3. namnorius says:


    He does not have to move fast or keep his hands up. As u saw in this fight, he have so good ability to dodge and parry that there is no need for keep your hands up for blocking. He have so good reach that there is no need to move like a rabbit if he can reach opponents with that kind of movement anyway. I say very solid kind of mobement .

  4. halleck3 says:

    “It’s hard to think of retirement when you’re dominating the division”… Yep!

  5. RodinsKebabshop says:

    Big respect to both men 🙂 I like both fighters Vitali has a very strange but effective style and Adamek has good speed and a pretty style to watch but he just didn’t have enough to keep up with Vitali.. Id give Adamek way more respect and guts for atleast TRYING and not going around just talking like David Haye did against Wladimir.. he said he was going to destroy wladimir yet it almost seemed like he had given up after round 1.

  6. TooFreshproductions says:

    @lorrenzopicozzi lol he couldn’t do it to lennox lewis so how would that work on vitali whose got 2 1/2 inches on him

  7. sclassbg says:

    big fail

  8. danty362 says:

    Tell adamek was just a mandatory challenger. Sorry for my last comment

  9. danty362 says:

    You could te

  10. lorrenzopicozzi says:

    Mike Tyson would bob and weave his way inside and left hook that Klutschko in ONE ROUND….KO

  11. IReGarDz says:

    @229jop888 are you joking, i think you’re joking, got to be

  12. LTDGuitars420 says:

    He’s fucking giant, have you noticed how big he is? Big guys throw slow, and they also don’t keep their gloves up. Obviously you’re not familiar with the heavyweight boxing division.

  13. themrjohnl says:

    I like vitali, but he does not move fast! and does not keep his hands at the level of head!

  14. 229jop888 says:

    vitali would have easily defeated louis and johnson vitali would have totally defeated holyfield

  15. 229jop888 says:

    vitali would have easily defeated louis and johnson

  16. 229jop888 says:

    vitali would have ko’d clay, frazier, foreman,norton,shavers and lyle easily.

  17. TheLamarholmes says:

    i like calling the champ king dr steel hammer and tell that white devil i would rape his phunk ass im in kcmo right off of 33rd

  18. mattan147 says:

    Total mismatch. Adamek is brave and a good fighter, but Vitali was far too big for him.

  19. TheKillerkaj says:

    @TheWHITEDEVIL1488 why you have to call him the n-word

  20. TheWHITEDEVIL1488 says:


  21. futurepast1 says:

    @TheWHITEDEVIL1488 Holyfield is old now and wouldv killd both kits in yhe ring at the same time in his prime!!

  22. LVSWTZ says:

    Adamek is former LHWT (175 LBS) Champion fighting a guy 7 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier…….outcome was obvious.

  23. Yurchuk666 says:

    @TheWazaaaaabi you are fucking shit Vitali Klitschko is legend not like Tomasz Adamek hahahaa

  24. Wilu19 says:

    kij wam w oko, ale i tak to napisze, tak sie robi show dla publicznosci, mam w dupie kto wygrał, widać Tomek włożył całe serce . wg mnie piękny pokaz umiejętności i za to szacun za to że się dogadali co do kasy, zarobili, a ty szczekaj, albo naucz sie boksować tak jak oni inaczej zaszczekasz jak pizda 😉

  25. MrRaptz says:

    Sad news coming………. we won’t get to see Haye having Adamek’s fate