Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora – Promo

By , July 4, 2012 6:53 am

Vitali Klitschko Video clip Score: four / 5

25 Responses to “Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora – Promo”

  1. RobertsDigital says:

    Why cant you watch the video and appreciate the fight instead of spilling out racial slurs…..Blacks loose sometimes and so do whites…..The video was put here for you to enjoy the match and you need to appreciate the match not using racial slurs. Idiot.

    I am black and I admire Klitschko because he is a very good boxer…I admire the fact that 2 different people from a different race are fighting.

  2. Jamez8888 says:

    Because white people are so tired of loosing in their own sports they were dieing to see another white champion. its so dumb if you ask me its not like Black people were like “knock that cracker out Tyson” when he fought fighters. Its just a sport. I bet if Floyd maywheather lost to a white guy I can only imagine the racial slurs

  3. BanalCarnal says:

    what is boloxing?

  4. BanalCarnal says:

    and Haye was knocked to the canvas by Mormeck

  5. djvenigjeki says:

    all of you british black dick suckers

  6. djvenigjeki says:

    wtf the fuck he said what about blacks when they say white boy this is not considered racist and you are a faggot

  7. GraffitiVladimir says:

    Fuck chisora

  8. IbeliveU2 says:

    Chisora is a pice of shit

  9. OwensvrBoxing says:


  10. Saturas50 says:

    youre funny :)))

  11. swifta123 says:

    I don’t hate them you dumb fuck, I just hate their uneducated illiterate incredibly thick as shit fans like you. I guess you still haven’t taken those English classes as your spelling is still shit, inbred.

  12. Saturas50 says:

    keep hating.Its hard to get knowedge as a monkey…im sry for you 🙂

  13. swifta123 says:

    You’re clueless about boxing and your vocabulary is obviously limited since you’ve sent me the same message again and then spammed it, go to school and get an education you repetitive faggot.

  14. Saturas50 says:

    copy/paste frustrated kid without knowedge of boxing.

  15. swifta123 says:

    I know way more than you, you’re all just a bunch of clueless glory hunting uneducated keyboard warriors. If my comments offend you then just GTFO!

  16. moffig1 says:

    I am not a racist

  17. Saturas50 says:

    frustrated kid without knowedge of boxing.

  18. swifta123 says:

    Its funny how Klitschko fans claim that they like them for being gentle men meanwhile their fans are the exact opposite. We know the real reason most of you guys like them and that’s only because they win all the time. If they didn’t dominate the heavyweight division you guys wouldn’t pay interest in them. Glory hunters who are savage but claim to like them for being gentle men, oh the irony. You fan boys are pathetic.

  19. OwensvrBoxing says:

    Isn’t a such a shame how great fighters like the Klitschkos have such a racist fan base? Fuck off idiot.

  20. tjejvid1 says:

    when were the fight?

  21. mgrealdeals says:

    yeah Chisora …You sure are a plague… Disappear now .. You got your fat ass handed to you and you didnt put a scratch on your opponent. You looked like a bad sparring partner…
    Too bad you spit water on VK.. ’cause maybe he would have offered you a job cleaning his jockstraps.YO You a gansta…. Chisora =gansta = DOUCHE

  22. moffig1 says:

    nigger lost, like always
    first they open their mouth and then they were beaten up

  23. swifta123 says:

    They’re all keyboard warriors.

  24. OwensvrBoxing says:

    Enough with the racist comments people. Grow up.

  25. BoxingHQ says:

    Full fight in English & high quality on my channel