Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora – Part 3 of 3

By , May 8, 2012 6:31 pm

Vitali Klitschko Video clip Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Vitali Klitschko vs Dereck Chisora – Part 3 of 3”

  1. RizoSaysAha says:

    Ummm outside Khan and Brook, the top fighters in Britain are white.

  2. LPmitFun says:

    Chisora….I have no words for you..

  3. elbow0krk says:

    Chisora pizda i frajer haha

  4. ragers66 says:

    Don’t be too hard on Chisora, he’s strong & did his best. Albeit while eating lots of right hands.

    His antics are OTT but if a promoter was onto it we could have been seeing Chisora v Haye….that would’ve been good.

  5. ArizonaMMJ says:

    yup. Mayweather is just a jackass.

  6. TheRatchetkid says:

    An even bigger piece of shit than mayweather?

  7. ArizonaMMJ says:

    Chisora = Biggest piece of shit in Boxing right now

  8. Rollerfahrer666 says:

    immer dieses affentheather mit den beiden warum suchen sie sich immer so einen schwachen gegner heraus huck ist fallobst ganz klar gegen chagaev traut sich keiner der beiden zu boxen

  9. jamestroy20 says:

    where are the goddamn white british boxers? the minority are doing ur jobs. u fucking benefits

  10. jamestroy20 says:

    atleast u should get ur facts right when differenciating between a brit and an english ok?

  11. jamestroy20 says:

    being a british is a disgrace right?

  12. xmiphistox says:

    @BatmansArse because he felt like it.

  13. theCwayDrumming says:

    hopefully he’ll get banned for life… he’s a disgrace, something u just do not need in boxing sport…

  14. julzyboy1973 says:

    I always like to see a boxer gracious in defeat. Delboy claps at first then did that confrontational thing at end of fight. Did himself no favours. Hope he gets some professional help and reinvents himself and comes back to the ring with a better attitude. He has plenty of fights left in him but needs to sort himself out first then get his license back. Maybe Frank Bruno could give him some advice on behaviour!

  15. BatmansArse says:

    Why do you have to point out that your are British?

  16. Kapao19 says:

    i bet you never say that face to face to Chisora!!! Life is not conquest of the world… don’t be an asshole and go back to school to learn history and respect…

  17. BigBadMarketer says:

    vitali failed to knock him out. I dont know why some people say he’s British, black people forever won’t be Brittish, afghans, Indians, and pakistanis either. The ones who conquered the world where white, end of story

  18. bunders13 says:

    Chisora is an embarrassment to our country. Spitting in somebodys face and his lack of sportsmanship after clearly being outboxed…disgusting. I wish Vitali had of knocked him out. The Klitschko brothers are true gents and are building up quite a fan base here in Britain.

  19. Fastjimmy041 says:

    Yep Chisora is a joke as a man and as a boxer

  20. Massacrus says:

    also, from zimbabwe. don t fool yourself with the idea that the immigrants in your country conform to western lifestyle; they ll try instead to establish theirs within britain. if you doubt that s true, take a waltz through limehouse, london – i used to live there.

  21. maxjonge says:

    hes a animal, they shouldve killed him like a bull after they match.

  22. innact1 says:

    chisora only man to give a fight since Lennox ….is this boxin or politxxxx

  23. sitara24 says:

    thanx for upload,it was nice to watch

  24. BLACKLiiGHT2o1o says:

    Nice Fight and fairy win.

  25. Jagang8 says:

    Chisora is fucking nigga