Vitali Klitschko vs David Haye – Promo

By , February 20, 2011 10:35 am

Vitali Klitschko Video clip Score: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Vitali Klitschko vs David Haye – Promo”

  1. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @wolfsblut1982 Thanks buddy 🙂

  2. wolfsblut1982 says:

    @OwensvrBoxing Thank you man.great video,good job!

  3. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @wolfsblut1982 Mark Petrie – Richat

  4. wolfsblut1982 says:

    what is the song…?

  5. WorldMilitia says:

    @POLChelseaFC would you fight your brother? I get along great with my brother and we are both martial artists and have fought in the ring and sparred. But, we have never fought with intent to KO one another. Who ever wins would ruin the friendship. I would love to see that fight, but it will never happen

  6. RomanMelnykBro says:

    touched him and his brother personally, lol i never knew david was batty witht he klits

  7. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @FightNightOnlineHD Cool bro, look foward to seeing it! 🙂

  8. FightNightOnlineHD says:

    @OwensvrBoxing I will make vid soon a Victor Ortiz Knockout video;)

  9. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @FightNightOnlineHD Vitali all the way man. The guy’s a monster. When you making your next video?

  10. FightNightOnlineHD says:

    Great as allways! i hope David Haye wins if this fight will happen! what do you think?

  11. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @JoseSilver Thanks bro!

  12. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @JoseSilver Thanks bro!

  13. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @JoseSilver Thanks bro!

  14. JoseSilver says:

    Great promo vid man!

  15. DarthMuse says:

    @OwensvrBoxing Helenius his okay but he has questionable stamina.

  16. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @DarthMuse Thanks man. What do you think of Helenius?

  17. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @POLChelseaFC There are a few interesting fights that can be made. Helenius, Boystov, Povetkin, Wilder, Fury and Price are all good prospects.

  18. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @JoeKoBoxing Thanks buddy.

  19. RunWhilstYouCan says:

    Haye has already said he will KO Vitali, I like Haye but come on man you didn’t do much again’st Wladimir. All I can say is maybe the cold out doors weather in Germany whilst trying to box with a broken toe does wear down the adrenalin, and puts your balance off. But Haye needs more wins he can’t go straight after Vitali lol where is the fairness in that.

  20. POLChelseaFC says:

    The only fight left in the hw division because the Klitschko sisters don’t wanna fight each other.

  21. swifta123 says:

    If this fight does happen then Haye will have to be careful about what he says this time or he may regret it again. But I’m guessing this time he’s going to start talking about Vitali’s mum, wife and kids or who knows somehow he’ll find a way to make it more personal.

  22. JoeKoBoxing says:

    People dont wanna see this fight but really what else is there, top video!

  23. DarthMuse says:

    nice promo haye would get smashed by vitali!

  24. OwensvrBoxing says:

    @PrimeAliProductions Nothing confirmed yet bro.

  25. PrimeAliProductions says:

    Is this fight on?