Vitali Klitschko v. Tomasz Adamek – Dwyer // GamblersAdvisory.Com

By , November 16, 2010 3:29 pm

Vitali Klitschko Video Score: four / five

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  1. Rosseboi says:


    He did turn back the lock didn’t he? haven’t seen him to quick in year (nor sharp)

  2. Rosseboi says:


    I hear that. Adamek came to fight there is NO shame on going out on your shield that’s what many of these pussy fighters today don’t realise they think if they lose their ‘0’ they will forever suck but fans admire heart above zeros.

    Point in fact: Froch, Hopkins, Louis, SRR, Hagler, Hearns, Leonard & Adamek. Haye / Povetkin will NEVER understand this concept.

    Respect to Adamek. I expected this fight to go the distance I thought he’d move more but big v still win.

  3. prockzz says:

    Vitali was frighteningly good tonight.

  4. BattleAxe5000 says:

    dwyer..can u give me a good website were i can bet online.

  5. danhantheman says:

    mannn why did friggin Solis blow out his knee. i coulda seen him having good early success against Klitschko, altho K would probably still come back to stop him late

  6. officechronic says:

    where can i watch the fight online and live for free?

  7. xDet3rmin4tionx says:

    Vitali will win lol, it amazes me how people could think it will be any other way. Vitali will win by KO.

  8. voodooorc says:

    @leemer4000 only by decision

  9. renegado454 says:

    @DarthMuse Yeah Wald has a lot more snap and pop in punches which add to the effect his punching power… Vitali has more heavier thudding punches similar to that of Kelly Pavlik… They don’t look they have much on them but boy don’t they do some serious damage…

  10. H173K says:

    Dwyer, Adamek`s sparing partner was Deontay Wilder and Tomas was doing well against him, please write me what do you think about it?

  11. hotta1488 says:

    dwyer this is why i tune into you, you notice things no other analyst does like how vitali is always able to deflect and step inside punches only a sharp mind can see that, its a signature trait that allows him to embarrass and corner people, adamek is a good fighter but how can u beat a fighter like klitsckho unless you learn to use this signature move against him…i personally dont see a way i see only another vitali victory!!

  12. IBreedBassetts9C says:

    interesting comments — thanks. Used to hearing one-sided partisan commentaries.

  13. dennis789111 says:

    I believe it’s Adamek’s time. His speed and relative youth will defeat the mighty Vitali by UD.

  14. leemer4000 says:

    Bottom line: if Adamek couldn’t finish Grant, Arreola, or Mcbride there NO WAY he can beat Vitali

  15. mbrookscontact says:

    Vitali is going to carry Adamek a few rounds to give the Polish crowd their money’s worth

  16. Sarcastic5 says:

    but Klitschko, isn’t younger , but he is older.

  17. MysteryoftheGods says:

    “Michael Grant is basically a potted plant” AHAHAHA that was so funny.

  18. marcjusz says:

    @maciekao7 100 % agree. Klitschko never fought with so complex boxer.

  19. gerem82xx says:

    @Robstailey klitschko vs lewis was not a good 1 ???

  20. Robstailey says:

    it’s gonna be a good one? really?

    i highly doubt it. klitschko hasn’t been involved in a single “good one” in his entire career, and adamek has been very disappointing lately. he won an extremely lackluster decision against that fatass kevin mcbride.

  21. Sagittariustoo says:

    Must be a bitch to be a “Potted Plant” fighter. LOL

  22. Elvathar says:

    @maciekao7 We all said the same about david haye, and we all know it wasn’t the toe that wasn’t the problem. Klitschko will rise to it 🙂 And he will knockout.

  23. RaphaClassic says:

    I agree, most likely it will be Klitschko by KO. Adamek has already accomplished something great, he is basically a LHW and he beat all other contenders and is now fighting for the HW title…

  24. blacksixspeed says:

    how about a dawson hopkins vid dwyer? i just want to hear you analyze the style matchup.

  25. maciekao7 says:

    Adamek is 3 classes better fighter than peter,arreola, and all these guys Klitschko faced in recent years.All these things that worked for klitschko in those fights wont work with Adamek.Klitschko only adventages are size and power but its about skills.I expect very good, close fight going the distance.I would not bet any money on Klitschko, remember Adamek lost only one fight 4 years ago to top p4p fighter Dawson and he was drained by the weight.I am not objective but this is what i expect