Vitali Klitschko To Demonopolise Power Market

By , August 12, 2016 9:07 am

There are several facts about Vitali that are unique.

Not only do Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are brothers who are in the world of fighting together, Vitali has moved on to a successful career in politics.

You might have noted latest campaigns of Vitali where he has been promoting less pollution campaigns on city roads by cycling to work and so forth. For those who are enamored by what Vitali has been doing for his city, they have probably forgotten that he used to rule the heavyweight division as well, especially in the last decade.

Both the siblings are being called to be larger than life and with good reason. Having debuted the world of boxing in 1996, both went on to dominate the world of boxing, especially in the division of over 200 pound weight categories. Vitali struck gold for the first time with the world title. This had occurred in 1999. He also won the belt for the world heavyweight category of WBO. His career defeat came at the age of 43. The defeat came at the hands of Chris Byrd. Even though he retired intermittently in 2004, he came back to the ring in 2008 and finally retired in 2013. However, his legends are still being carried forward by his brother, Wladimir. He is a second world title holder and he had helped to win over his brother’s defeat when he defeated Chris Byrd and won the first title as well.

Being the Kyiv Mayor, Vitali is now found only in political news. He has been currently trying to demonopolise the power market in the capital of Ukraine. Those who have been his fans are still avid about his feats, whether in the boxing ring or without. Most fans love to follow his doings as well as that of his fans.

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