Vitali Klitschko says Ukraine needs help against Russia

By , May 10, 2015 9:46 am

For former World Heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, the stakes have always been high in his life – be it the nine defences of his title or his emergence as the leading figure of the opposition movement during the politically turbulent period of Ukrainian history.

However, when it comes to going one on one against the aggressive economic, social and political policies of neighbours and one time masters Russia, the 43 year mayor of Kiev says that the stakes have gone even higher than before.

To the elder Klitschko, the situation of Ukraine will determine the future of the European Union, the West as well as that of democracy in the world. He stressed on the fact that this is not just a local conflict but one between the East and the West.

According to Vitali Klitschko, wider, deeper and much more co-ordinated sanctions by the European Union and the United States on the Russian Federation are the need of the hour. He also added that there is a strong need for stronger military support for the Ukrainian armed forces in their struggle against the separatists in the country’s east, who have Russian backing.

Klitschko mentioned that if Ukraine is left to fend for itself in the fight, it will be a tragedy for all other countries as well. While Vitali is not the first or only Ukrainian leader to call for help from West, his voice carries a lot more weight simply because of his fame before the pro-Western uprising in the country that toppled the Russian backed president of the country.

Having gave up a lucrative boxing career while still at the peak of it, Vitali Klitschko wants to rebuilt the country brick by brick and he needs help from wherever he can get and has called for that help.

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