Vitali Klitschko extreme training section

By , November 7, 2010 1:28 pm

Vitali Klitschko Video Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Vitali Klitschko extreme training section”

  1. Paradiagle says:


  2. TheLolix69 says:

    Its just rocky 4 omg… i dont see any klitschko training

  3. Larrypint says:

    nice promo video but shit music

  4. instereovideos says:

    @lauderdale8747 not sure what you just tried to do there…

  5. lauderdale8747 says:

    @instereovideos Does you girlfriend know your Gay? I won’t tell if you won’t….Honeycakes…XXX

  6. squashpro123456 says:

    Rocky 4 with a Ukrainian and shit music

  7. dirtyharry9111 says:

    @FutbolVideoChannel :

    In Austria.

  8. RedSerjTankian says:

    Lol, just like Rocky in fourth movie

  9. HadezGaming says:

    Thats just Rocky nothing else 😀

  10. NateTheG0v says:

    Rocky 4 all day long

  11. joecluderobedam says:

    @Francozilla yeah because its only american, brits and ukraineians who box aint ti you pleb

  12. SousaphonPosaunist says:

    training like rocky balboa.

  13. solilquy says:

    hahaha i thought this was a joke

  14. FutbolVideoChannel says:

    Where do he fucking training? D:

  15. azhbutt says:

    man i would love to meet these guys just so well mannered and humble u dont see that with boxers nows. and there doctors in real life an in the ring

  16. worldcoup says:

    LOL I cant believe some poor sod uploaded this bloated eastern peasant.
    this is the guy who flushed boxing down the toilet

  17. RuSaNasRu says:

    Ey der hats doch nicht nötig so ne scheiß show abzuziehen vitalka vitalka :D:D:D

  18. thestrongestman100 says:

    @AH4225 kinda, he did it for the cameras for fun.

  19. AH4225 says:

    Is this is a spoof?

  20. vvysoc says:

    @exterminador1904 if anything he is more real than rocky because he actually fights

  21. 12cibor says:

    prawie jak Rocky Balboa w czesci w ktorej walczył z Ruskim 🙂

  22. mozilla1986 says:

    half of this is him doing his chores

  23. thestrongestman100 says:

    Whats this song called?

  24. thestrongestman100 says:

    @TheLeithBoy He fights all of him mandatory challegers, it’s not his fault no one is on his level, without the klitschos, the heavy weight division would only have weaklings.

  25. majci555 says: