Vitali Klitschko Biography

By , December 6, 2011 2:12 pm

The full name of Vitali Klitschko is Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Klychko. He was born on 19th of July in the year 1971. He is a professional heavy weight boxer from Ukraine and at present is the heavyweight champion in WBC category. Other than the sports of boxing he is also interested in politics. Vitali holds a post of political leader in the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform and also one of the members of the delegation of Ukraine to the Congress Council of Europe. Once, this particular boxer held both the tiles of WBC and WBO.

This boxer is said to be the first person from the filed of this sport, who holds a Ph. D degree. He has a good height of six feet and seven inches and has been nicknamed as Dr. Iron fist. His nickname was given by his followers and fans. Vitali Klitschko is well known for his punches which consisted of great power. He also uses another technique which known as exceptional chin. This particular player has a knockout percentage of about ninety three percent which is known as the best knock out ratio in boxing championship history. He holds a very good record in the championship titles.

Till now he has been knocked down only two times. No one could knock him down in boxing bout and no decision was lost by him. Both the losses of Vitali Klitschko came due to injury reasons. The first loss in his professional career came due to a major shoulder injury and during the second loss he was suffering from deep cut just above his eye. His possession of Ph. D degree and power helped him to win the nickname: Dr. Iron fist. Vitali’s younger brother whose name is Wladimir Klitschko is associated with the same profession of boxing. His brother has also achieved many titles in the heavy weight category.

The name of Vitali Klitschko is Vladimir Rodionovich Klitschko. He was a major general in Soviet Air Force and was posted in Germany. He was in charge of cleaning the nuclear disaster in the year 1986. Later he had to diagnose with cancer.  Vitali’s mother’s name is Ulyanovna. This particular boxer is married to a former model and athlete name Natalia Egorova. They were married on 26th April in the year 1996. Other than boxing he was attracted towards the game of chess and was quite expert in that field. He has done his in Ph. D on Sports Science.

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