Vitali Klitschko And His Acts As A City Mayor

By , June 6, 2016 12:16 pm

Vitali Klitschko being in mayor post since 2015 has drawn attention of a different kind.

He has declared that he does not draw salary for the post. It is seldom that a former fighter in the ring takes up a public administration post. But Vitali is an exception. He holds the Chairman post in the city state administration of Kyiv. However, he does not draw salary for the post and the income gets recorded from abroad. Tax declaration that was done in 2015 was published where such details were disclosed.

Klitschko does receive prizes and dividends but no regular salary for the post. Of source, his income abroad is substantial. His accounts abroad revealed that he earned about 2.623 million, which he has saved in different foreign banks. He also disclosed the amounts that are held at different Ukrainian banks. Insurance policies that the mayor holds with his family members also amount to substantial figures. Among other positions he has a house of 786 square meters and an apartment of 225 square meters. He owns a land of 2500 square meters. They own two cars, a Land Rover Discovery 4 and a Toyota Seqvoia.

Vitali has been trying different initiatives for the city since he took up the post of Kyiv Mayor. As a professional boxer of former fame, he showcases health and fitness as he cycles to his office to work. He even uploaded photos of his cycling trip. He has posted these pics on his Facebook page, urging others to follow suit. He stated that, it makes it easy to maneuver through city streets. It also helps him find drivers who make it difficult for bikers and to instruct them to be more mindful of the road rules. April was a month of biking across the world as an initiative to promote a cleaner way to commute and Vitali put in his efforts to that end.

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