Video from the public workout Vitali Klitschko vs. Dereck Chisora

By , August 1, 2012 12:24 pm

Vitali Klitschko Video clip Score: four / 5

25 Responses to “Video from the public workout Vitali Klitschko vs. Dereck Chisora”

  1. DestroyerAlexandros says:

    Well the point is a fighter’s skill and conditioning are much more imporant than his chin and toughness. My observation is that most of the super tough chin guys like Toney and Whitaker and Bowe got punch drunk faster than the glasses. Lewis was considered glass but he’s leading a normal life unlike the guys like Mercer who relied on their chin only are now demented into oblivion.

  2. The7thSunSon says:

    i’ll take a granite chin over a glass chin any day! ask any fighter that ever stepped into a ring…including wlad, and i’m sure they would choose a strong chin over a glass one. hearns is punch drunk even though he had a glass chin so your rational is wrong… offence.

  3. AkA2O1O says:

    Ich war Klitschko Fan doch ihr habt mir gezeigt das ihr zu alt seit und euch das feuer fehlt vieleicht seit ihr auch nur zu deutsch geworden um noch eier zu haben. Für mich ist es als BOX FAN nicht wichtig wie oft jemand gewinnt sondern ob er eier hatt und david hatt mehr eier als ihr beiden zusammen hoffe ihr findet wieder zum agressiven feuer zurück das ich bei euch seit ein paar jahren vermisse DAVID ist der beste und lässt sich nicht ohrfeigen und ins gesicht spucken. Das ist meine meinung

  4. DestroyerAlexandros says:

    Well a great chin isn’t always a good thing. Bowe got punch drunk because of it. If anything, it’s better to rely on your skill to defend yourself rather than your “toughness”. Sometimes it’s better to be like Vladimir and go down if you get hit clean rather than be like Vitali and walk through the punishment.

  5. The7thSunSon says:

    except hearns had that delicate china glass jaw and his punch was vastly over-rated after he moved from the welterweights. i know he KO’d duran but that was a fluke.

  6. DestroyerAlexandros says:

    Yes he was kickboxing world champ. He turned pro in boxing when he was about 26. Well you know he’s 40 now and he has to win with intelligence and defense, he can’t just get into all-out fights like the Lewis one and his earlier fights. That’s why he ages so well. IMO in his fight with Chisora he was counterpunching perfectly, basically even though he was the bigger and stronger guy he fought defensively (like Hearns for example)

  7. Yushchenkivets says:

    Молодець, Віталій! Переміг в дуже важкому бою!

  8. The7thSunSon says:

    i never knew vitali was a former kick boxer until the other night. he was very impressive back in the early 90s. he punched alot more back then.

  9. kunigas123 says:

    Micky from Rocky Balboa :)

  10. MultiBeautigirl says:

    Молодец, Виталий! Держи удар 🙂 Слава Украине!

  11. BiHKalashnikov says:

    fukin piece shit typical nig

  12. ryiin says:

    To the Klitschko on behalf of the UK all apologies. Chisora was a discrace to boxing. Outside the ring we dont tell our kids to be like that! I have never sceen any one spit at anyone in 20 years of coaching boxing.

  13. RiNFoB4LyFe says:

    I’m not talking about the way he moves in the ring. There is no boxer out there that has his personality and if there is then i don’t know about them. Sure you saw what Chisora ddid to him but he kept it so cool and calm it was unbelievable! Now tell me who else would have kept it cool like that? I don’t even think his brother would have..Skill wise yes Mike Tyson is definitely a favorite of mine.

  14. Piga96 says:

    he isn’t, mike tyson is.

  15. DestroyerAlexandros says:

    You’re not being far man. This guy raised em. He also trained a number of world champions and judging from vitali’s impeccable record he’s doing great. Vitali has weird technique but it’s effective. He did have one punch KO power when he was young, but after he retired he became more of a grinder. That’s because his knees are fucked up now and he can’t properly generate energy from the ground up like he should.

  16. rilind1r says:

    0:18 , nice ass!

  17. RiNFoB4LyFe says:

    absolutely love this guy, he is amazing. 


    @athleticguyUK And still the WBC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION VITALI…Told you dude and people was rooting for chisora to win..It wasnt going to happen man the klit brothers is to strong for boxing and david haye would be a better challenge atm from what im seeing..

  19. The7thSunSon says:

    no offence taken. i know you cannot make anyone into anything but you can teach them certain things…make adjustments. emanual is doing that with vitali’s brother vlad. as far as sdunek…im not sure he knows his ass from a hole in the ground.

  20. DestroyerAlexandros says:

    No offense mate, but I’m pretty sure Fritz Sdunek and Emanuel Steward know better than you in terms of technique 😉 Boxing is an intuitive sport, it’s not rocket science. Nobody can teach you to box and you can’t make a boxer like you can make a baseball player or a tennis player.

  21. The7thSunSon says:

    and its always a well know thing that in boxing, they last thing to go in a fighter is his power. vitali hasnt deteriorated that much. he just doesn’t have one punch power because he doesn’t know how to properly throw punches

  22. The7thSunSon says:

    who cares how big they were when boxing was first developed. the fact is boxing technique has progressed. wouldn’t have mattered if they were 6’8 and 250lbs back then.

  23. The7thSunSon says:

    @DestroyerAlexandros @DestroyerAlexandros doesn’t matter how you move. its how you throw your punches. he throws his right hand like a jab…NO EXCUSE for that. i don’t care if you are 7’8 and 400lbs that has nothing to do with throwing your punches correctly

  24. DestroyerAlexandros says:

    Vladimir is as fluid as it gets man. He’s over 240 lbs and he’s 6’6. I’m 6’6 myself and I’m about 250 in perfect shape and I know how hard it is for such a big man to move

  25. The7thSunSon says:

    vitali let chisora get one up on him with that slap. he should have tore through all those people between him and chisora after the slap and jumped all over that bastard! instead he looked very timid. his reaction was very slow. he was embarrassed. now he needs to embarrass chisora in the ring.