Tomasz Adamek VS Vitali Klitschko Weigh-In

By , November 9, 2010 2:18 pm

Vitali Klitschko Video Ranking: five / 5

25 Responses to “Tomasz Adamek VS Vitali Klitschko Weigh-In”

  1. stevekrazy10 says:

    Adamek and wach would be a great fight….I’d go with Adamek in a split decision…..but the mega fight would be Adamek and haye

  2. SoccerDJRob says:

    Adamek should fight four or five fights in 2012…
    1= C class fighter (early 2012)
    2= Evander Holyfield
    3= Mariusz Wach (tall up coming Polish Boxer)
    4= Albert Sosinowski ( Also ko’d by Klitscho in the 10th)
    5= Chris Areolla (Rematch)
    These five fights would be major draws especially 2-5..
    Adamek then would be number one challenger in 2013

  3. gaasxi1 says:

    2:13 adamek swallows as if he is afraid.that’s not surprising !!!

  4. TheWhiteBoyy96 says:

    what is the song ?

  5. flossy26 says:

    every boxer should just wait untill klitschkos are too old and slow lol otherwise they got no chance. however dennis boytsov looks like he could do some damage the way he beat that 6ft 6in dude (i forget his name) was amazing technique if he could do that to klitschko he would ko him quick hes got some sick power. btw alexander ustinov would rip klitschkos apart

  6. nbmufc94 says:

    Manny and mayweather vs Wladimir Klitschko !!!

  7. vaskarusky91 says:

    @jill506 Pacquiao vs Vitaliy? its like 6 year old vs 18 year old. Vitaliy will Ko him in first round!

  8. apelsinas691 says:

    25 sec. and pole death?

  9. KN10SKILLED says:

    true class they have

  10. KN10SKILLED says:

    @maglile they are ukranians

  11. ingo346 says:

    Adamek mógł mu ucho odgryźć xd

  12. jill506 says:

    I’m watching this fight right now – a 12-rounder. They should get that little filippino guy Pacquiao to fight Vitali. He’d probably win, except he’d have to do a lot of jumping and swinging. LOL.

  13. jill506 says:

    putting these two fighters in the ring together is ridiculous, stupid, & a slaughter. Adamek was a punching bag, that’s all. I just can’t believe they did this fight. they need to match up vitali against the terminator.

  14. MightyU2 says:

    good guy adamek, shook their hands! i like when they are friendly and not idiots like Haye

  15. ItsDatGirlJordz says:

    @klepto0oe u fuking pussy shut up he looked scared end off u dont no shit what happened in the ring he was scared to throw comobs? he new he was gonna get kod u dumb fucker u obvously dont no the signs go fuck your dad

  16. martpast1 says:

    @maglile u fucking canadian. where do u see russians there? could u find Canada on the map?
    do u keep pigs?

  17. maglile says:

    lmfao holy shit these fucking russians are raging like pigs lmfaoo

  18. KURTYZHY says:

    i want the klitschko’s fight each other…….

  19. CrewCrewKoala says:

    Even Wladimir is staring him out to say if you fuck with Vitali you fuck with me. Thats how you know not to fuck with the Klitschko’s.

  20. alexfrompa says:

    vitali in incapable of blinking

  21. theinaczej says:

    Tomek nasz goral!! You are still #1 to me!!!

  22. FolkMetalFTW says:

    The klitschkos are good, but i hate them… I dont know why, i just prefer their opponent… Except David Haye ofc ;))

  23. xxdonaldqxxx says:

    Maybe it’s me but there is just something about Slavic Rap music that just seems more than a little out of place. Why are our people mimicking that garbage anyway?

  24. xixkieranxix says:

    no fair on adamek he got the stare down by both klitsckos

  25. MrDaveTaylor says:

    all these experts on here saying all the past heavy weights would have beat vitlai , but every boxing commentator worth his salt , many of which a former champs themselves say that all of them would have found it very very difficult to deal with vitali , if they even could.