Post Slap – Dereck Chisora v. Vitali Klitschko – Dwyer / GamblersAdvisory.Com

By , June 6, 2012 3:03 am

Vitali Klitschko Video Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Post Slap – Dereck Chisora v. Vitali Klitschko – Dwyer / GamblersAdvisory.Com”

  1. scampywiak says:

    Dwyer why don’t you do MMA?

  2. Einheitskreis says:

    Besides all the scandal, Chisoras endurance was quite remarkable and WK was disappointed with the result although he won.

  3. v1ck1985 says:

    u were wrong for a change it went the distance and if it had been old school 15 it wudda been vitali on the floor…

  4. vmorgun says:

    She slapped Klitchko

  5. TheWilderfam4 says:

    Numbers dont lie!! Great info!!

  6. rocoreb says:

    Sir, your point about boxing, or kick-boxing, for that matter, being maths (and geometry in my opinion) is spot on. I have been saying this to friends for years. You are absolutely right!

  7. Rej811 says:

    Vitali injured the arm in 4 th round, as said in press conference, and the old man lost a bit of momentum, but he still whopped the cunt. For an old man to fight with one arm shows how good he is, even though a bit boring. And as far as the crazy brits, chisora and haye, boy the are entertaining, even though cunts.

  8. mooglestiltzkin says:

    chisora not only slapped Vitali, but also spit on his brother just before he entered the ring. That guy just never learns >:{

  9. someonedanya2011 says:

    If I were Vladimir I’d brake Chisora’s neck at the spot! GTFO loser!

  10. ribarringer says:

    Slap him in the fight lmao

  11. ribarringer says:

    i thought this would go two rounds but im moving it up to 1 round

  12. ribarringer says:

    Derek just got his ass knocked out

  13. thestrongestman100 says:

    Well, dereck chisora proved the world wrong again, i really like vitali, i really wanted vitali to give chisora a beat down. Chisora is good and has a great future.

  14. gangstanikes says:

    i actually gave chisora 3 rounds and another 1 could have gone either way

  15. mycenean says:

    Will be interesting what you have to say now. Klitschko seems tired after a few round, perhaps because of the body shots but personally I feel age has something to do with it. Also how do you think Haye will feels after such a fight.

  16. zn23000 says:

    lmao what a one sided decision. This bitch got annihilated, won 2 rounds. Show some respect to the emperor Vitali.

  17. theotherhalfoftheang says:

    Klitchko is gonna win but sure he’s gonna piss lots of blood tonight

  18. flyinghotwing says:

    vitali will get the decision, deservedly….chisora had a lot more guts than haye no doubt!

  19. theotherhalfoftheang says:

    Chisora is making a good show even though he’s losing but he’s pounding klitchkos body

  20. flyinghotwing says:

    in 2 rounds so far sorry chisora has had more guts than sorry haye had in his whole fight, at least he has 2 chances, slim and none, but slim is better than haye….

  21. theotherhalfoftheang says:

    2 for klitchko 0 for chesoura

  22. flyinghotwing says:

    just tuned in and a chick is singing with a piano on fire in the ring….wtf??…thought this was boxing!…lets get it on!…

  23. AddictedBeef says:

    Chisora must be proud to be killed by arm of Vitali KLITSCHKO

  24. Digs259 says:

    as long as it wasn’t rythmnic slapping lke sandusky

  25. batosmak says: