Vitali Klitschko Vs Lennox Lewis: Defining Fight Of Vitali

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By , October 6, 2017 7:11 am

For the fight fans the venue and date are familiar, especially the fans of heavyweight.

Why? This is because we witnessed a great action battle between two heavies, both over the mid-240-pound range, we saw gore and blood, huge bombs landed, courage and heart on the line, and we were left seeking to see a rematch.

However, one of the biggest reasons why fans of heavyweight still talking about this fight, which was won by Lewis through corner retirement at the end of the sixth round on the part of Klitschko, is for the reason that we all assuming what would have happened; what might have happened;.

Here Is The Recap.

Lewis, the king of heavyweight and then aged 37 and coming off to almost his career-ending, decided to roll the dice again. Originally he was to face Kirk Johnson of Canada; Lewis concluded having almost a week to get ready for replacement that happened late of Vitali Klitschko. Continue reading 'Vitali Klitschko Vs Lennox Lewis: Defining Fight Of Vitali'»


By , June 17, 2017 12:50 pm

There have been numerous speculations seeking to pitch Wladimir Klitschko against Anthony Joshua for a rematch later this year.

The six foot seven former heavyweight champ was recently in Los Angeles, where he admits he comes a lot.

Tony Jeffries made the revelations that the Ukrainian fighter came to his gym with his guys but gave little away of their plans. Jeffries claimed that Joshua was a very popular figure in the States, even more than Deontay Wilder – a top contender for Joshua to face next in a unification match. The Olympic bronze medallist Jeffries said aside the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight, the Klitschko-AJ fight was the next most talked about.

Joshua stopped him after 11 rounds at Wembley stadium. After the fight, promoter Eddie Hearn said Vitali Klitschko walked up to console his brother and has a slight brush with Joshua. Continue reading 'WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO TO SEEK REMATCH WITH AJ?'»


By , March 23, 2017 8:11 am

Former Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko was recently presented an award by Ray Jones Jnr on behalf of the WBC, as the ‘Eternal World Heavyweight Champion.’

Klitschko having relinquished his WBC titles after retirement then proceeded to pursue a career in politics.

Speaking at the ceremony, Klitschko said:

“Nothing is impossible. I was born in the Soviet Union, a big country where professional boxing was forbidden. I would watch Mike Tyson when he became the youngest world heavyweight champion in 1986, and I said to my friends, ‘Do you know what boys? One day I will be fighting guys like that. One day I will be world heavyweight champion.”

The 45-year old who held the WBC heavyweight champion twice as a boxer now serves as the mayor of Kiev. The former boxer was visibly delighted with the award, and further spoke of his desire to bring the WBC Convention to Kiev in the future. Continue reading 'KLITSCHKO AWARDED ‘ETERNAL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION’'»


By , January 22, 2017 4:50 pm

Vitali Klitschko reveals what he thinks is going to happen in Joshua-Klitschko fight.

The fight was announced soon after Joshua defeated Eric Molina effortlessly in three rounds two weeks ago and the notion of the upcoming star taking on a legend of the game has got almost everyone talking.

In spite of boasting an outstanding record of 64 wins from 68 bouts, Klitschko actually goes into the fight as the underdog based on the almost all the bookies. And even though he might not enjoy much support among the 80,000+ spectator in attendance on the night, the Ukrainian nonetheless has the support of his big brother.

Klitschko was just as lethal as his brother in the ring during his 17-year professional boxing career before he hung up the gloves to join politics in 2013.

He is currently the Mayor of Kiev but still follows his former career closely and of course when queried how he saw his brother’s upcoming fight panning out, there was obviously only going to be one response. Continue reading 'VITALI: WLADIMIR WILL WIN IF HE IS FOCUSED'»

Vitali Klitschko To Demonopolise Power Market

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By , August 12, 2016 9:07 am

There are several facts about Vitali that are unique.

Not only do Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are brothers who are in the world of fighting together, Vitali has moved on to a successful career in politics.

You might have noted latest campaigns of Vitali where he has been promoting less pollution campaigns on city roads by cycling to work and so forth. For those who are enamored by what Vitali has been doing for his city, they have probably forgotten that he used to rule the heavyweight division as well, especially in the last decade.

Both the siblings are being called to be larger than life and with good reason. Having debuted the world of boxing in 1996, both went on to dominate the world of boxing, especially in the division of over 200 pound weight categories. Vitali struck gold for the first time with the world title. This had occurred in 1999. He also won the belt for the world heavyweight category of WBO. His career defeat came at the age of 43. The defeat came at the hands of Chris Byrd. Even though he retired intermittently in 2004, he came back to the ring in 2008 and finally retired in 2013. However, his legends are still being carried forward by his brother, Wladimir. He is a second world title holder and he had helped to win over his brother’s defeat when he defeated Chris Byrd and won the first title as well.
Continue reading 'Vitali Klitschko To Demonopolise Power Market'»

Vitali Klitschko And His Acts As A City Mayor

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By , June 6, 2016 12:16 pm

Vitali Klitschko being in mayor post since 2015 has drawn attention of a different kind.

He has declared that he does not draw salary for the post. It is seldom that a former fighter in the ring takes up a public administration post. But Vitali is an exception. He holds the Chairman post in the city state administration of Kyiv. However, he does not draw salary for the post and the income gets recorded from abroad. Tax declaration that was done in 2015 was published where such details were disclosed.

Klitschko does receive prizes and dividends but no regular salary for the post. Of source, his income abroad is substantial. His accounts abroad revealed that he earned about 2.623 million, which he has saved in different foreign banks. He also disclosed the amounts that are held at different Ukrainian banks. Insurance policies that the mayor holds with his family members also amount to substantial figures. Among other positions he has a house of 786 square meters and an apartment of 225 square meters. He owns a land of 2500 square meters. They own two cars, a Land Rover Discovery 4 and a Toyota Seqvoia. Continue reading 'Vitali Klitschko And His Acts As A City Mayor'»