Vitali Klitschko – Alben Belinski

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Vitali Klitschko gives up German residency

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Ukrainian boxing legend Vitali Klitschko who has now taken to politics in his homeland as the leader of the opposition has announced that he has given up his residency in Germany to make his candidature to run for the post of president next year look more creditable.

Klitschko is currently leading the opposition UDAR political party as the country finds itself in the midst of a huge crisis and facing a civil war. He had spent a majority of his professional career as a boxer residing as well as paying taxes in Germany rather than in his homeland and he believes the time has come to set things straight.

The older of the two Klitschko brothers who have dominated Heavyweight boxing for the last decade, Vitali Klitschko became the World Boxing Council or the WBC Heavyweight champion before giving up the title last year to concentrate on politics.

It was only in November that the Ukrainian president signed a law which stipulates that a permanent resident of a foreign country will not considered as a resident of Ukraine and he will not be allowed to contest in elections for any position in the government.

The new legislation also states that a candidate must be living in the country for at least ten years preceding the ballot and with Vitali spending eight years in the country by the time the elections come around in 2015, he could be directly hit by the law and might not be allowed to contest as well.

But Vitali Klitschko is not looking so far ahead at the moment after the country found itself in the midst of a crisis recently with several civilians and government officials killed in skirmishes in the capital and he will have to look into the matters on hand at first.

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Klitschko vacates WBC Heavyweight Championship

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Legendary Ukrainian Heavyweight boxer and World Boxing Council or the WBC Heavyweight Championship holder Vitali Klitschko has not put his title on the line in the last fifteen months and having become the face of the political movement of the opposition in his country, has vacated his title.

And the WBC has paid tribute to his contributions to the sport over the years by appointing him the ‘champion emeritus’ meaning if ever he decided to return to the ring and have a fight again, he would immediately be granted a shot at the title. But from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem it will ever happen and Klitschko is finished with boxing for good.

The older of the two Klitschko brothers stated that he wanted to thank the WBC as well as its president Don Jose Suleiman for the support he has lend them in the fight for democracy in his country. Vitali Klitschko stated that it had always been an honor for him to fight for the WBC and he held the WBC Heavyweight Championship with pride.

He mentioned that the theoretical possibility that the WBC has given him to return to the boxing ring is something that he cannot imagine at the current state.

Vitali went on to add that at this moment, he is fully concentrated in the politics of his country and he feels that the people of his country need him there. He admitted that although he will not be fighting in the ring any time soon, he is certain that his younger brother Wladimir, the unified Heavyweight champion will ensure more sporting success for the country. Vitali Klitschko admitted that he will support him in his efforts the same way as he has been supporting him in his politics for so long as well.